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Operational processes of the exports of goods

Ocean Way International Limited >>> Help  2010年10月29日
The export of goods flow mainly include: pricing, ordering, payment method, stocking, packaging, customs clearance, shipping, transportation, insurance, bill of lading, foreign exchange.

A quotation

Product inquiry, quotation as of the start of trade in the international trade. Which offer products for export mainly include: the quality level of the product, the specifications of the product, whether the product is a special packaging requirements, the purchase of the product the amount, delivery requirements, the mode of transport, material .

Commonly used quote: FOB "FOB, CNF cost and freight CIF" Cost, Insurance and Freight "form.

Second, the order (contract)

Trading parties offer the intention to reach the buyer enterprise formally ordering and consultation on matters seller enterprise recognized consultation, the two sides signed a purchase contract. In the process of signing of the purchase contract, the main product name, model specifications, quantity, price, packaging, place of origin, the time of shipment, terms of payment, settlement, claims, arbitration talks and talks reached after agreement written purchase contract. This indicates that the export business has officially begun. Under normal circumstances, the purchase contract signed in duplicate effective by both sides cover the official seal of the Company, each of the two sides to keep a

Third, the payment method

Three, letter of credit, TT payment method and direct payment method commonly used international payment methods.

1, the letter of credit

The letter of credit is divided into two types of light ticket letters of credit and documentary credit. Documentary credit, letters of credit, letters of credit not attached to any documents that accompanied the presentation of specified documents said with recourse. Simply put, the letter of credit to ensure that exporters in recovering the money the guarantee documents. Please note that the period of shipment of export cargo should be carried out within the term of validity of the letter of credit, letters of credit to pay a single period must submit no later than the effective date of the letter of credit.

Letters of credit for the majority of the payment method in international trade, the date of the issuing of the letter of credit should be made clear, clear and complete. Several Chinese state-owned commercial banks, such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Industrial and Commercial Bank of opening a letter of credit (issuing fee of several major banks are open to permit the amount of 1.5 ‰).

2, TT payment methods

TT payment method is based on the foreign currency cash settlement money remitted to your designated foreign exchange bank account by your customers, and may require the goods to the money after a certain period.

3 direct debit

Refer to the buyers and sellers direct delivery payment.

Fourth, stocking

Stocking the entire trading process, play a pivotal position to be put in place in accordance with the contract. Stocking check the contents are as follows:

The quality of the goods, the specification should be verified by the requirements of the contract.

2, the quantity of goods: guarantee to meet the requirements of the contract or letter of credit number.

The stocking time: should be based on the letter of credit provisions, combined with sailing arrangements to facilitate cargo convergence.

V. Packing

Depending on the goods, you can select packaging (such as: cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, bags, etc.). Different packaging and the packaging requirements are different.

1, the general export packing Standard: according to the trade and export generic standard packaging.

2, a special export packing standard export goods packaging: according to customers’ special requirements.

3, goods packing and shipping marks (Transport logo): should carefully check verification, to meet the credit requirements.

Sixth, customs procedures

Customs procedures is extremely cumbersome and extremely important, if not smooth customs clearance, you can not complete the transaction.

1, is a statutory inspection of export commodities shall do export commodity inspection certificate.

At present, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection work mainly in four aspects:

○ accept inspection: mortem report submitted to the inspection of foreign trade relations to the commodity inspection authorities.

○ sampling: the commodity inspection authorities accept experience, timely staff went to the cargo stockpiling locations on-site inspection and identification.

○ inspection: inspection agencies accept inspection, conscientiously study the reporting of test items to determine the test content. And carefully review the provisions of the contract (letter of credit) on the quality, specifications, packaging, to ascertain the basis of the test, to determine the inspection standards, methods. (Sampling inspection method, instrumental analysis test; physical examination; sensory testing; microbiological testing)

○ a certificate: On the export side, where the export commodities included in the List 〖〗, after inspection of the commodity inspection authorities, the issue of the release order (or stamped on the export goods declaration released chapter in lieu of the release order) .

2, held by a professional the customs permit staff, held the packing list, invoice, customs power of attorney, export settlement text write-off single, a copy of the contract of export goods, export commodity inspection certificate to the customs for customs clearance.

○ box alone Export Packing Details provided by the exporter.

○ invoice is proof of export products provided by the exporter.

○ Customs power of attorney is a unit or individual of any undeclared entrusted declaration correspondent declaration certificate.

○ Export Verification Form to apply for export units to a foreign exchange bureau, the export unit made a note of the export tax rebate.

○ inspection certificate after inspection of the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department or its designated inspection agencies, and a variety of import and export commodity inspection certificate, certificate of authenticity and certificate collectively. Foreign Trade and valid documents on the parties to fulfill a contractual obligation to process claims indisputable, conferences and arbitration proceedings the burden of proof, has a legal basis, but also customs clearance, tariffs and preferential tariff reductions necessary to prove.

Seven or shipment

In the process of loading of the goods, you can be determined according to the number of cargo shipment way to insure the insurance in accordance with the purchase contract. Optional:

1, ready container

Types of containers (also known as the container):

(1) Specifications Dimensions: the usually dry container (DRYCONTAINER):

The outer dimensions of 20 feet x feet X8 feet 6 inches, referred to the 20-foot container; 40 feet X8 X8 foot 6-inch, 40-foot container; 40 feet and more used in recent years X8 feet X9 feet 6 inches, referred to the 40-foot high cabinet. The 20-foot container: content plot of 5.69 m X2.13 m X2.18 m, picking gross weight is generally 17.5 tons, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters. The 40-foot container: content plot 11.8 meters X2.13 m X2.18 m, picking 22 tons gross weight, volume of 54 cubic meters. The 40-foot high cabinets: plot of 11.8 meters X2.13 m X2.72 m. Picking is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters. 45 foot high cabinet: plot: 13.58 m X2.34 m X2.71 m, picking 29 tons gross weight, volume of 86 cubic meters. The 20-foot open top container: content plot of 5.89 m X2.32 m X2.31 m, picking 20 tons gross weight, volume of 31.5 m3. 40-foot open top container: content plot is 12.01 m X2.33 m X2.15 m, picking gross weight of 30.4 tons, a volume of 65 m3. The 20-foot flat-bottomed container: content plot of 5.85 m X2.23 m X2.15 m, picking 23 tons gross weight, volume 28 cubic meters. The 40-foot flat-bottomed container: content plot 12.05 m X2.12 m X1.96 m, picking 36 tons gross weight, volume 50 cubic meters.

(2) according to the the casemaker material: aluminum containers, steel container, fibreboard container, glass and steel container.

(3) by Use: dry container; refrigerated containers (REEFER CONTAINER); the hanging clothes Container (DRESS HANGER CONTAINER); open top the container (OPENTOP CONTAINER); framework container (FLAT RACK CONTAINER); tank container (TANK CONTAINER) .

2, the assembled container

The assembled container freight, generally based on the volume of exports of goods cargo weight.

Eight, transport insurance

Usually the two sides signed a purchase contract has been agreed in advance the transport insurance related matters. Common insurance and marine cargo insurance, ground and air mail cargo transportation insurance. Which, marine cargo insurance are covered by the terms of the risks is divided into the basic risks and additional risks two categories:

(1) Basic coverage FPA (the Free from Paricular Average-FPA), WPA (With the Average or With Particular Average-WA or WPA) and all risks three (All Risk-AR). FPA areas of responsibility include: total loss of goods caused due to natural disasters at sea; overall loss of goods in the process of handling and transshipment; sacrifices caused by general average contributions and salvage charges; transport ships running aground, stranded, sunk, The total loss of goods caused by the collision, flood, explosion and partial loss. WPA is one of the basic risks of marine transport insurance. Insurance provisions of the People’s Insurance Company of China, the scope of its responsibilities addition to bear FPA listed risk, but also bear the risk of inclement weather, lightning, tsunamis, floods and other natural disasters. All risks of the order of the reported security responsibilities range equivalent WPA and additional risks sum.

(2) the additional risks. Additional risks general additional risks and special additional risk of two types. Additional risks in general theft pilferage insurance, freshwater the rain risks, pumping stolen a short amount of insurance, leakage, breakage risk of breakage, hook damage insurance, mixed contamination risk, the risk of spontaneous combustion, mildew risk, risk of damp heat and odor insurance. Special additional risks the war risk SRCC.

9, the bill of lading

The bill of lading is the the exporters for End to export customs clearance, customs clearance, signed by the company Sinotrans for importers delivery, foreign exchange documents.

The issuance of bills of lading mentioned under the letter of credit issued by the requested number of copies is generally triplicate. Exporters stay duplicate handle tax rebates and other operations, and a copy sent to the importer to handle the delivery and other formalities.

Marine cargo, the importer must hold the original bill of lading, packing list, invoice to take delivery of the goods. (By the exporters to the original bill of lading, packing list, invoice to the importer.)

Case of air cargo, you can directly use the bill of lading, packing list, invoice faxed to extract goods.

10, foreign exchange

Export cargo is loaded, the Import and Export Company shall be in accordance with the provisions of the letter of credit, the correct versions (packing list, invoice, bill of lading, export certificate of origin, export settlement) and other documents. The term of the letter of credit required to pay one to submit bank negotiation settlement procedures.

In addition to credit settlement, payment remittance generally have telegraphic transfer (TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER (T / T)), ticket exchange (DEMAND DRAFT (D / D)), mail transfer (the MAIL TRANDFER (M / T)) and other ways due to the development of high-speed electronic remittance mainly using EFT.
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