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Container export customs clearance procedures

Ocean Way International Limited >>> Help  2010年10月29日

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Container export customs clearance procedures

A clearance procedures: inspection  tax reporting   release

To declare:

Export goods in accordance with the provisions of the export contracts, time and quality, get ready by the amount of export goods, that is, to the transportation company should charter booking procedures, prepare customs declaration procedures, or commission a professional (proxy) declaration for customs clearance procedures.

Need commissioned professional or agency declaration to the customs declaration formalities enterprises, exports of goods before export ports nearest professional the declaration corporate or agent declaration enterprises entrusted declarations. Professional customs declaration enterprise or agency declaration entrusted to the requester to receive a formal declaration of the power of attorney, power of attorney declaration subject to the format required by the Customs.

3, ready customs documents used to ensure that the basis for the smooth clearance of export goods. Under normal circumstances, the declaration should be prepared in addition to export goods declaration documents, including: the consignment note (that is, unloading paper), an invoice, a trade contract a single export verification and customs supervision conditions involved various types of documents.

Declaration should pay attention to the problem: the declaration time limit: declaration time limit refers to the goods to the port, the law provides that the time limit of the consignor or his agent to the customs declaration. The time limit for the declaration of export goods is limited to 24 hours before loading. No tax fees, inspection of goods, since the declaration of acceptance within one day from the time of customs clearance procedures.

Inspection: an examination is the Customs and Excise Department to accept the declaration of the customs units audited reporting unit is based on the actual verification of export goods, in order to determine whether the contents of the declaration card reporting in line with the actual import and export of goods regulatory approach. 1 by checking the goods declaration card to verify the contents of the declaration in the declaration part with the verification of the single, the goods are the same, through the actual inspection found that the declaration of a single trial can not be found by the links for concealed false reporting and reporting not implementation and other issues. Doubts declared the trial a single link can verify through inspection to provide a reliable basis for regulation, taxation, statistics, and follow-up management. Customs inspection of goods, you have to fill out an inspection record.

Inspection records including general inspection

Time, place, consignee and consignor or his agent, the name of the declared goods, inspection of goods transport packaging (such as the name of vessel, container number, size, and title), the name of the goods, specifications, etc. . The need to inspect the goods since the declaration of acceptance of a day out inspection notice, since have customs inspection conditions 1 days from the completion of the identification, in addition to the need to tax, since the inspection is completed within 4 hours of the time of customs clearance procedures.

Taxation: According to the relevant provisions of the Customs Act, the import and export of goods unless otherwise provided by the State, shall be levied tariffs. Tariff levied by the Customs in accordance with the Customs Import and Export Tariff. Tax costs of goods, has received a declaration of a day out of the tax bill, and nuclear tax bill in payment within 2 hours of the time of customs clearance procedures.


1 for general export goods, the consignor or his agent truthfully declare to the Customs and shown with the pay payable taxes and fees, Customs export shipping order superstructure "customs clearance the chapter" export goods The consignor With outbound shipment FOB.

Export goods shutout: application for withdrawal of the customs cargo shipper shall, at the date of the withdrawal of the customs within three days customs declaration shutout from the rear can goods customs supervision areas approved by the Customs.

3, the issue of export tax rebate declaration: Customs clearance, pale yellow export tax rebate declarations stamped with the seal of and tax authorities filed Customs audit signature of the person in charge of the export tax rebate, refund of customs units. About exporting $ 150 million worth of goods every day in our country, the export tax rebate cancellation for each day of delay, it is necessary to cause a great loss to our customers. How to speed up the export tax rebate cancellation speed? Operation in the document the most important thing is to correctly fill in the export declaration. Customs the manifest content about the contents of the declarations must be sent to the shipping companies the same to Shun write off tax rebate. Customs accepts the declaration and clearance, transport equipment stowage reasons, part of the goods could not be mounted Uehara declaration of means of transport, the consignor of export goods should be promptly submitted to the Customs "export goods declaration after the change request form and correct invoices, bills of lading, a copy of the packing list is correct, such a declaration on the content to be consistent with the manifest content.

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