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Domodedovo¡¯s temporary storage warehouse adopts e-Signature system

Ocean Way International Limited >>> News  2013Äê3ÔÂ13ÈÕ
MOSCOW Domodedovo Airport has been upgrading its freight registration system, in order for data to be submitted to customs electronically.
This comes after Domodedovo Cargo pioneered a digital signature system for its temporary storage warehouse at the airport. The trial period for the system was successfully completed at the end of February when the first e-document was received by and registered with Domodedovo Customs office (cargo).
Temporary storage warehouse-keepers provide cargo acceptance and delivery documents on mass daily. In 2012, the company submitted to the customs office 6,500 temporary storage warehouse freight acceptance documents per month.
"Launching new digital workflow will cut the time taken to process customs operations," a statement issued by airport authorities said. "In the long term there will be no need of paper documents at customs office and temporary storage warehouse-keepers data communication."
Adoption of the digital signature system was a precondition for Domodedovo Cargo¡¯s membership in the e-freight project launched in Russia last year. E-freight is a pilot project for implementation of the international standards required for the electronic processing and tracking of air cargo.
"New technology will give Domodedovo a significant competitive advantage and will allow Domodedovo to stand leading ground in sphere of freight transfer operations," it said.
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